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Elara's World

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Dreams, what do they mean?
Most believe dreams are nothing more than images, ideas, emotions, and sensations created by the mind as if telling us a story while sleeping. Some even go as far as saying they mean nothing. With so many answers to this popular question, how does one know what to acknowledge as the truth? How about you decide for yourself what your dreams mean to you.

Mine shows me all that I have forgotten. Life after life I am reminded of whom I was without forgetting who I am. Walk with me through my first life. Connect with my Deglon family. Become one with my DreamWorld.

Now, What fun would this be if I didn't add some embellishments and exaggerations.
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Some people may think it's silly to believe in a life after death, in the possibility of receiving messages from loved ones who have passed on, or in the possibility of reliving one's life in one's dreams. They’d even go as far as calling you crazy. A word I’ve become quite fond of (Crazy).  Is it insane, though, to have clearer perceptions and emotions? Or is the thought of having such abilities seem too fantastical for you to accept? If so, your journey into my world stops here. Why? Because the ride I am about to take you on is more than just a passage into the lives of many gifted individuals. It's a portal into my subconscious, where I store memories of  Gifted Beings and the Deglon Species' long history.


First, let me help you understand a little about me. I’m not your average being. Where darkness begins, my life starts. Hidden darkness resides within me. A lot of negative stereotypes about me exist in the wider world. Witches, demons, the insane, and succubus are some of the most typical examples. Rude, right? And that is only a few. But please don't misunderstand me — it hasn't all been horrible. I have also been given many compliments that I do not deserve, such as "angel on earth," "wonder," "protector," and others of the like. I was born with a set of skills that can't be taught. I can't fly or turn invisible, so no I am NOT a superhero. My abilities, on the contrary, lean considerably more toward the mysterious. I have insights that no one should have, and I am able to see and feel things that most people can't. When my abilities become known to others, they cause great fear. I, too, struggled with coming to terms with my identity until later in life. My intellect used to quickly overwhelm me as a teen and young adult. I assumed my mind played tricks on me, and God was testing my sanity. Initially, I was terrified of my abilities and completely misunderstood their significance. Therefore, I obviously hide my gifts until they are required.

 After learning that a crazy lady wrote what you're about to read, are you sure you want to keep going?


Lost in someone else's story, you forget about your own. Movies advertise everlasting love, vigilantes, superpowers, and happy endings. It's nice to have the option of retreating into a fictional world, and books provide just that.

From a very young age, we dream of bigger and better. We spend most of our lives watching, hoping, and trusting that one day we will have a dream come true. Taking a little time of each day, mentally escaping into our personal fantasies. Enhancing every emotion until we are brimmed with excitement! “I want a life like that,” we think to ourselves after each movie or book. Depressing? No. Why? Because our shrouded love for a superior existence is the thing that keeps hope alive in our reality.

And then there are the things that usually escape our notice. Some beings lead extraordinary lives that the rest of us can only imagine or learn about in books or on television. Many forget that all tales have their origins in reality. The first tale is always the most accurate. Although some stories may be exaggerated, the core of each is based on real events. There is a significant purpose in keeping secret the select few who are granted an enchanted existence full of boundless possibility. Survival.

The odds are high that you've already interacted with several gifted people without realizing it. The lonesome oddball who lives by himself. Or what about the neighbors who are just a little too nice? Idols who make you salivate every time they speak, perhaps? The too perfect to be real, the strange that are often alone, and the warm-hearted that seem to understand better than anyone no matter the situation, are usually your gifted.  They struggle constantly to maintain secrecy, safeguard themselves and their families, and make it through each day. Solitude. For those of us who are gifted, life is much more difficult in this harsh world. They will never get too emotionally close, Demons can be too inviting and cunning, trusting others is unsafe. You will probably never be invited over for dinner; their home is their sanctuary. Most of the GOOD ones will not risk a breach, especially if they have children. Are people like that real? Oh yes! Do you know of anyone?

There are beings amongst you that you seem to ignore.  Some are hidden by choice, but most are only hidden by human ignorance and closed eyes.  Beings both to dread and to befriend. One must only wonder, "Which do you make a friend of, or should they all be feared?"

I am Elara, and I’m going to share some stories with you.

I am not what some would call a great writer, but I have a lot to say and a need to tell stories that would otherwise not be told.

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