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Death’s Gifted Soul /Book1Part (Dark Fiction, Thriller, Dreams, Fiction, Horror)

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

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This is a (Dark Fiction, Thriller, Dreams, Fiction, Horror Story

New Life’s Awakening

Dear Diary

My awakening as a gifted being is always like a tsunami of emotion that seems to shred my heart slowly as clarity sets in. I could finally digest and accept all the fear and anger that held my heart captive, even understanding why I was such an odd child.

Turning sixteen in my 18th life felt like staring hell in the face. Battling ghostly voices calling out for help and cursing me when I ignored their pleas was torture. However, accepting that I would forever be hunted and tormented by evil that wanted me dead was nearly impossible.

My spirit was crushed beneath the weight of my sorrow as I felt powerless to make sense of my life. Every day seemed to bring a new terror, yet no one could explain why this fate had befallen me. There was no peace, no way of grasping what it all meant, and no way out of this monstrous vortex.

Memories haunted me. I couldn’t comprehend why I kept recollecting lives that could have never occurred. My thoughts were filled with many lifetimes, and I had no inkling of how they linked. Sometimes, I didn’t even know which memory was from the present.

I saw numbing myself through drinking and recklessness to escape, setting a date to finally end it all, and promising myself it would be the last night I would ever feel fear. Not knowing that promise never suited me.

I’d spent every night since making my decision in the park, my back pressed against the cold metal of a slide while I stared up at the night sky. Dark whispers echoed in my head, tempting me with promises of relief from all the pain and emptiness I had endured. Drawing me closer like a siren’s call, whispered curses of relief urged me to accept the peace surrendering would bring. All I had to do was mutter one word: Yes.

But something deep inside me seemed to resist. An inner voice cried out for me to stay. It shouted at me not to be selfish. Even though no one was left to mourn me, my heart knew what was right, but fear and exhaustion kept me from listening. As tears formed, blurred stars twinkled above me like signals of hope as the whispers grew louder.

A deep inhalation drew in what I thought would be my last few breaths of fresh air, and on release, I fixed my lips to say the long-awaited word, but before it slipped from my tongue, I was hit with icy air that numbed my core. A tightness formed around my neck, and before I could process what was happening, I felt the brutal impact of the ground with a sickening thud. Still, it wasn’t until I opened my eyes that panic set in. I was no longer in the park. In fact, I was no longer anywhere I knew to be reality.

The darkness was nearly absolute, illuminated only by a faint blue light deep within the walls. The shadows seemed to stretch endlessly. I stumbled around in the large chamber hewn out of eerily sharp stone blocks, each cold and jagged like the fangs of some terrible beast. A swirl of emotions still trampled my insides as I wondered what my end would be like. I wanted to show strength and courage, but fear locked itself within my core as I stood firmly in place.

Taking a deep breath, I tried to remain composed on the surface while anxiety churned beneath. My heart was pounding against the thin fabric of my shirt. The air felt thick with a smothering static as a low, rumbling vibration emanated from its depths. The sight of glowing eyes upon me through the veil of darkness sent a paralyzing energy whipping my senses relentlessly. Though concern clawed at me from within, on the outside, I remained calm, ready to give into whatever this place held for me. After all, it is what I asked for.

Another distant roar filled the air, growing steadily in intensity. Its ringing reaching inside me, haunting me to my core. Instinctively, a strong urge to run twitched my feet and legs, but my body remained frozen no matter how hard I tried.

Darkness seemed to part as a tall, gaunt figure emerged with an air of menace. Its towering frame blanketed in obscurity except for two glowing blue eyes, which seemed to emit a faint light of their own. A deep ache filled me as it met my gaze. Its intense stare made my breath stick, and hot energy curled my spine. As if it were an ancient sage, the figure opened its mouth slightly and commanded me to “Breathe.” Instantly, I exhaled.

My body tensed, and anticipation drummed through my bones as the figure slowly advanced. Its heavy steps thudded across the silent space, its gaze unyielding, and its lips slightly parted as if it were about to say something grandiose. “I am…”

Time ticked slowly, echoing in my mind as I longed to hear its following words. Stillness widened my gaze as it stopped speaking. The suspense of what it could say made me desperately want the silence to end. Its head tilted threateningly toward me as if deeming me unworthy of knowing this being’s identity or too dimwitted to comprehend it.

Dread pooled in my stomach as I studied the raging red aura that started to ooze from its being. Its powerful energy pulled me towards it, threatening to swallow me whole. What was it? I thought of all the horrors I’d encountered, but nothing seemed to hold a candle to what stood before me. Its power seemed to exceed them all. The air grew cold like an icy wind had blown from the darkest abyss. An energy force unlike anything I’d ever encountered pressed down on me, stealing my breath away and rendering me speechless. Panic tore through my insides as I watched it shake its head when I parted my lips to speak, and it clamped down on my tongue with an invisible grip.

“Defy the darkness! You must never bow to its will; it is only a gateway to destruction. It will not only swallow you and strip away your soul, leaving you an empty vessel, but the portal that opens due to your decision will consume millions of souls, trapping them forever in eternal suffering. Learn to use your gifts and be the hunter you were meant to be. Choose carefully. Your actions will have an impact on more than just yourself.” The voice was a deep and cold whisper, like a death omen that infected my very being. Every nerve in my body stood on edge as I felt the weight of its words, wondering why I held the fate of so many souls.

Paralyzed by the chill of its words, as if time had stopped, that world faded into darkness, leaving me cold, trembling, and hollow inside. But now I had a purpose.

For many lifetimes, a strange energy seeped out from the cracks of my soul, like a thick fog reaching out to consume me. It clung to me, trying to keep me anchored to this place — the Dark World. Everywhere I looked was an endless black void, with no stars and nothing but stillness for miles.

The air felt stale and oppressive; I wore a heavy cloak of sadness that would never be removed. The grip of loneliness had become so intense my heart ached as if each beat was punishment. Surrounded by despair, I tried desperately to remember who I was, but all I could think of was a single name: Amara. A name that floated in between two realities, a name that has been my only companion for countless lifetimes.

I stand in the twilight of a world that shows me no mercy. A gifted with supernatural abilities to see and feel beyond the bounds of reality. The heavy burden of my fate weighed down upon me like a leaden cape. Every day I awoke to a new sunrise, I could feel my sorrow seeping from it — echoes of lives left unsung and those taken from me before their time.

I found myself bitter and cold, staring down a future I never asked for, as I came to accept that for each lifetime I live, another person would pay the price with their life. Regret followed me wherever I went, reminding me of those I had loved and lost in past existences.

The pain was too much to bear, so I avoided others, not daring to drag them into my private hell. But even through the loneliness and despair, I couldn’t turn away from this journey that had been placed before me. Each thought brought a new ache; an emptiness threatened to consume me each day. Yet despite it all, I continued toward the ultimate goal: salvation.

Now, I stride through the streets, shoulders hunched and face tucked away from the sights of passersby. Although I now carry myself with a sense of purpose, it is only a thin veil for the swirling sea of unfulfilled desires that flood my thoughts.

I am both part of this world and, apart from it, a ghostly figure unseen by those around me, trained since childhood in the art of blending in, slipping between the cracks. Fleeing through alleyways and leaping across rooftops, I am a master of the shadows.

Yet, no matter how sharp my wit or strong my protection or disguise, I cannot escape the loneliness that weighs down on me. Everywhere I look reminds me of what I lack — love, companionship, acceptance — transient moments that will never belong to me.

My journal serves as a faithful companion on this journey, faithfully recording each life as it comes and goes without judgment or lenience, and with a bit of help from magic, it will always find its way back to me. Through its pages, I can better understand the wounds inflicted by my past lives and build upon them so they do not haunt me for eternity. Within these pages lies my hope in these trying times; may it bring me closer to finding solace in who I am.

. . . .

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