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About Me

Elara B.

I've always had a vivid imagination.  I've found ways to create new worlds for others to adventure in. I  craft nightmares and experiences into stories, deliciously dark tales of horror, fantasy, and suspense. In my writing, I find solace. I can explore the depths of my mind, capture the darkness of the night, and bring it to life on the page. My first self-published series, Deglon Blood, consists of three books (Vilmo's Wrath, Suryve Daylight's Doom, and Time's Deathly Rage under Lacheha WB). My stories bring an alluring mix of horror, fantasy, and suspense, all infused with the wondrous details of my nightmares. My work continues to evolve. My writing has become even more intricate and dark, and the vivid details bring life to my stories. Death's Gifted Soul, my latest book, is a short story collection that delves into the deepest corners of my imagination. In it, readers will find tales of horror, fantasy, and supernatural, all saturated in my signature Gothic style. I invite readers to journey into my twisted, often chilling visions and experience them as if they were your nightmares. Readers, in turn, find my work captivating and intense. My stories are without denying their allure. 

"I am a mother and a wife that loves to look on the other side of life with an open mind. I create unique pieces of art with my heart and I write about my dreams and past realities. My unique individuality shines through the awkwardness of my style. Sometimes my work is incredible and at other times it's not, either way, it's mine, and more often than not, I am exceptionally pleased with my work.


With my art, I can express the thoughts of my soul. With my writing, I can pull others into my dream world and help them discover the excellence that most overlook, beauty in what may normally be considered hideous, and discover peace when life is wild.


I accept fiction as shrouded truth that enhances the creative ability. Am I a perfect writer? No. I can’t think of one writer that is. Why? Because this imperfect world has no place for perfection.  Every artist’s art is perfectly flawed. So, hate my work or love my work, either way, I’d like to thank you for your time and I hope that you will join me on my next adventure through my dream world. "


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