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About Me


"I am a mother and a wife that loves to look on the other side of life with an open mind. I create unique pieces of art with my heart and I write about my dreams and past realities. My unique individuality shines through the awkwardness of my style. Sometimes my work is incredible and at other times it's not, either way, it's mine, and more often than not, I am exceptionally pleased with my work.


With my art, I can express the thoughts of my soul. With my writing, I can pull others into my dream world and help them discover the excellence that most overlook, beauty in what may normally be considered hideous, and discover peace when life is wild.


I accept fiction as shrouded truth that enhances the creative ability. Am I a perfect writer? No. I can’t think of one writer that is. Why? Because this imperfect world has no place for perfection.  Every artist’s art is perfectly flawed. So, hate my work or love my work, either way, I’d like to thank you for your time and I hope that you will join me on my next adventure through my dream world. "

Having a website that showcases all of my creative work is the perfect place for art aficionados to come and appreciate what I have to offer. From custom-made bags and clothing pieces to artwork prints and books, every one of these forms of art will reflect my signature style and imagination as an artist. Each of my art forms has its own beauty, and a website featuring them can help people learn more about me and my work.

Being able to display books I have written inspired by my dreams on a website brings me excitement. Writing is an art that enables me to reveal myself artistically and imaginatively. I can take people on a journey of feelings and fantasies, and show them what my dream world looks like.

Fashion is another type of art that is not often recognized. Handmade bags and garments are not only practical but also reflect the imagination and style of the creator. On my website, I'll soon be offering a variety of fashion so people can discover me as a new designer and admire the effort put into crafting unique and beautiful things.

Prints and paintings are usually the first images that come to mind when people hear the term 'art'. However, there is much more to art than just those two forms. Therefore, I aim to provide a website on which visitors can find various expressions of my artistic side. From writing to fashion, each form of art I showcase is special in its own way, conveying the uniqueness of myself and my creative style. I am working on developing a website that allows for a wide range of art forms and serves as an all-in-one hub for art appreciation. This will help people understand and appreciate me better.


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