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Only In My Dreams (Dark Fiction, Thriller, Dreams, Fiction, Horror)

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Death’s Gifted Soul Part 3 (Rough Draft)

This is a (Dark Fiction, Thriller, Dreams, Fiction, Horror Story

Dear Diary

I could feel his warmth before seeing him, and a wave of familiarity washed over me. His voice was low, but it carried with it a deep sorrow. He embraced my waist like a cocoon, grounding me in the moment. “Don’t open your eyes or turn around. Just let me hold you a moment.” His hot breath tickled my neck as he leaned down and murmured, “I’m sorry,” words laden with regret. His arms tightened around me as if trying to memorize each curve of my body. My heart racing faster than ever before. I didn’t dare open my eyes, afraid that this tender moment would disappear if I did. His hands wrapped me so securely and tightly against his chest. Then, slowly, he turned me around until we finally faced each other. “Can I open my eyes?” A finger softly brushed over my cheek. “Yes, you can open your eyes now.” I gazed into his deep eyes as warmth and security embraced me. The silence between us was palpable but not uncomfortable; it was filled with the mutual understanding that we were both exactly where we wanted to be. He leaned in closer, his lips only a breath away from mine, as he whispered, “Will you wait for me?” A concerned frown creased my brows, and I looked into his eyes, watching them blur until it was clear that I was dreaming. I traced the blurred features with a gentle touch and answered, “I will wait for you to come to me every night. And just like this, I will hold you tight. And every morning, I will mourn you, knowing that, in reality, you will never be mine.” Taking a step back, He lifts my hands to his lips. “Get ready,” he said as darkness blanketed the room, taking on a sinister quality that made me feel trapped and vulnerable. “They’re here.” I pulled my hands away, feeling dread trample my insides. Whispers came from somewhere deep within the shadows — a twisted symphony of voices that seemed to chant in unison. “You can’t protect her,” they hissed softly before growing louder until it felt like they were right beside me. The fear gnawed at my insides until all thoughts fled from inside except for one: run! I broke into a panicked sprint, only for sharp pain surging through my head to bring me to the ground with agony, engulfing every inch of my body. Grunts and yells of battle surrounded me, accompanied by the shrill screams and ferocious roars that seemed to penetrate my ears. When the clamor abated, an eerie silence descended, illuminated by the faint light of a single window above me. As if every limb was glued to the floor, I couldn’t move. Mocking laughter echoed through the darkness. “The poor soul that fell for a cursed witch. Even he can’t save you now, Amara — just give in,” came a taunting voice. My eyes widened as I took in the bloody scene before me — my beloved struggling for breath as blood spilled from his eyes. “I’ll never give you anything!” I snarled with rage, burning brighter than any flame could hope to be. “Then you’ll die!” A stab to the chest sent a jolt shaking through my body, and I awoke in bed, drenched in tears and trembling. How much of that nightmare would become my reality?

. . . . . .

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