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A Stranger To Remember (Dark ), Thriller, Dreams, Fiction, Horror Story

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Death’s Gifted Soul part 2 (Rough Draft)

This is a Dark Fiction, Thriller, Dreams, Fiction, Horror Story

Dear Diary

March 14, 1905

My heart is heavy this morning. A stranger has found me despite my best efforts to stay hidden. The scary part is that he seems to know who I am. His energy defies any sense of mortality I have ever encountered; he’s like a phantom, an apparition that speaks directly to my soul, words that sound normal but seem enchanting the way they mesmerized me. My soul is ablaze with raw, unfamiliar emotions, and only when he leaves do I realize what’s happened: I’ve fallen for a stranger! Could he have used magic to ensnare my emotions? Every fiber of my being longs for this unknown man. How has one moment bewitched me so completely? My pulse pounded as the footsteps echoed, drawing closer to my home. A voice, unfamiliar yet strangely seductive, emerged from the other side. “I won’t hurt you,” His words cradled my heart with an odd longing. Unmoving, I stood staring wide-eyed at the door, desperately wanting to see his face. My fingertips trembled as I slowly placed my hand against the rough grain of the door. An invisible force seemed to be calling me toward the brass doorknob, tempting me with the possibility of a glimpse of the eyes of the man who had captivated me with his words. I cautiously cracked open the door, my heart pounding in my chest. But before I could even peek out, it was thrust shut against me with a bone-rattling thud. “Are you an idiot?” His growl caused my blood to run cold, and I felt every muscle tense up, preparing for a battle. Fear and confusion laced me with webs of questions as his words rang in my ears. Was I stupid? How could he ask such a question standing at the doorstep of a stranger’s home? Every part of me wanted to swing open that door and curse at him, but curiosity kept me in place. I knew better than to expose myself like that. But how did he know I was someone that needed to be protected in such a way? Torn between the feelings of anger and longing that coursed through me in a raging fit, my fists clenched tightly, my knuckles bloodless from the pressure. I was unsure which had me more upset, the fact that he was insulting me at my door or that I didn’t have the courage to stand up to him. Every nerve screamed for me to send him away, telling me he was dangerous, yet I still wanted to see his face. “Drunk men are roaming these woods, and by the feel of them, they won’t think twice before doing something foolish to a young woman all alone. It’s not safe for you out here today.” His warning disappeared into the morning fog, but I couldn’t resist this time and threw open the door — only to find that he had vanished. “Do you know me?” A whisper escaped my lips as his words echoed: “Not yet.” My heart raced faster than ever as the strange excitement filled me. Who was this mysterious man? Why had he come? Most disconcerting of all was that I wanted him to return. April 5, 1905 The days of my twenty-first year saw an increased onslaught of dark forces from the Dark World. According to my journal, I am the last of my gifted bloodline, blessed with endless second chances yet cursed never to be able to truly live any of them. Demons are determined to steal my soul and use it as an access point to hell. Each night, I fight an internal struggle against these evil beings. They taunt my dreams and make my days a nightmare, yet I refuse to consent no matter how often my body perishes in battle. My home is fortified with magical wards I’ve worked hard to learn, but I’m on my own each time I step beyond its borders. Today, my boundaries were broken. All the spells and chants I’ve spent months perfecting are useless now, as if they were mere child’s play against the forces of evil now surrounding me. The sun had set hours ago, and night blanketed my yard. A thick smog dulled my senses but did nothing to lessen the oppressive atmosphere emanating from the shadows that seemed to be clawing at me. I unsheathed my blade and carefully stepped forward, one hand clutching a bag of blessed black salt while the other held my weapon tight. With every step, I could feel my protection stones and incantations being tested, pushed harder than I ever imagined they could withstand. Still, I kept going, propelled by something unseen — an inexplicable force that urged me forward into a confrontation I knew would determine my fate. They loomed in the dark like a horde of hungry wraiths, their eyes gleaming with hatred for me. I knew I didn’t stand a chance against them, but I charged anyway, screaming my banishing spells. Salt crystals clung to my blade and flew as I waved it in every direction. The sound of my feet pounding the earth beneath me was drowned out by the sneers and growls of the group in front of me. I heard a gasp escape my lips as I stumbled to a stop at the sight before me. A tall, olive-skinned figure stood in my path, his white shirt standing out against the darkness of the trees. His eyes intently focused on the men racing toward me. He held a blade in one hand while his other clenched tightly into a fist. It was his energy that sank my heart. The same power as the man who warned me just days before. It was too late to warn him away; a twinge of sorrow swept through my core as I continued my advance. A faceless hero that I’d never get a chance to thank. Claws flew toward me in a frenzy, their razor-sharp nails glinting in the moonlight. Heat of my body rose as I prepared for the impact. Agonizing fire lanced through my abdomen and blazed a trail across my back as I desperately tried to keep my footing. An enormous man stalked me, his face twisted with malice as he bellowed for me to submit. As he raised his sword in preparation for the final blow, a voice hurled a warning cry, and a shining silver blade cleaved cleanly through the man’s neck. His lifeless body thudded heavily to the ground and I collapsed in exhaustion. The oppressive air that had filled the atmosphere suddenly vanished, but I knew it was temporary. A wave of relief gently caressed my skin before the pain shot through me like a sharp arrow. My gaze shifted to scan my surroundings for any sign of the man who had fought at my side against these vile creatures, but all I found was death. I’m sure he had sacrificed himself to protect me and had no chance against those demons. For a moment, in between gasps for air, I even questioned why he would do such a thing, but there was no time to mourn him or worry about questions that would never have answers. With little strength and even less hope, I mustered up enough energy to drag my body home, only then realizing how much blood I had lost. And now here I am, dying again. The pool of red on the ground seems to expand endlessly as my life slips away. It is only a matter of time before death claims me. A tenderness I hadn’t known in years wraps its arms around me. The warmth and unimaginable coziness of its hidden furs had welcomed me with open arms. My body felt completely pain-free, and my mind was clear of all concerns. The physical part of me wanted to savor that moment of luxury, but I couldn’t help but wonder if this was as relaxing as it seemed. The brightness of the clouds surrounding me sent a slight pinch of uncomfortableness, causing me to squint upon opening my eyes. While adjusting my vision, sorrow swelled within my chest. The beauty of bright nothingness assured me that I’d died again. Rising from my comfort, I lose my will to move. My body dropped back into its resting place, and my vision stilled on an image in the distance. Tightness summoned a suffocating throb that pounded at my chest. Uncontrollably, a tear falls. He glided from the glare of the lights, dressed in a crisp white suit. I waited eagerly even though I had no idea what I was waiting for. His every step closer had me excited for the next. When he approached closer, the tears started to flow even more rapidly. It’s almost as though my tears were a silent signal to him. In anticipation of his arrival, I sat up. As I did, he stopped. Distant murmurs echoed when his lips moved. I climbed to my feet. He spoke again. Once more, I only heard mumbles. A sense of urgency in the tone of the last of his whispers caused me to feel a sudden and intense sense of fear. As fast as I could, I made my way toward him. I could almost make out what he was saying and see his face. My feet fumbled into one another, and my knees buckled. He vanished. My head felt heavy, so I let it drop. My eyelids were weak, so I allowed them to rest, and my body numbed with grief, so I let it mourn. I’d lost all willingness to engage in any fight to understand what was happening to me. I never felt such loss, as if my soul had also disappeared. A harsh breeze pushed me onto my back. Somehow, I thought the clouds would catch me as I fell back into the safety and security that had embraced me so tenderly just moments before. I was wrong. A moment for acceptance developed during the seemingly endless decline. Of what? The end, of course. As the clouds became distant in my view, so did my existence. My only thought was, Will I finally be at peace?

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Thank you so much for reading the second piece of my story. Please feel free to comment. I’d Love to know what you think. Have an awesome day.

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