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The Darkness That Lurks (Fiction/Thriller/Short Story/ Horror/ Dreams)

Updated: Mar 24

The shadows of the nightmare followed me home, scratching at my windows like claws and beckoning me back with whispers.

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This is a Fiction/Thriller/Short Story/ Horror Story/Dreams

Ripped from my bed by a mysterious power, I stumbled to the entrance of an alleyway, rain lashing at my half-naked body. The dark mouth gaped open, a gateway to the unknown, and I froze in terror. My heart thundered in my chest, and my breaths came in short, ragged gasps as I surveyed the surrounding shadows for signs of movement. Something was there; I could feel it lurking within the darkness. I cautiously stepped into the murky alley, my heart racing as a chill enveloped me. In the pitch-black darkness, I sensed the danger around me. Panic rose in my chest as I weighed the urge to flee or stay put against the fear of what might happen if I stayed. An eerie groan, squeaking and undulating like a chorus of tortured souls, filled the air. Its haunting energy seemed to vibrate through my skin as it grew louder and closer until I could feel its vigor in every bone of my body. My heart raced, my limbs filled with ice, and my feet stuck to the pavement like cement. The approaching roars echoed menacingly as I surveyed the street for an escape route. My stomach sank as I realized that no matter how fast I ran, it would be quicker, and this time, there might not be a way out. I took a deep breath, bracing myself for confrontation and dreading what lay ahead. I pushed through the alley, desperate to disappear, before he caught me. My bare feet pounded on the concrete, and glass shards ripped through the soles of my feet, but I kept running. My breaths were short and labored, and my legs ached with every movement. Suddenly, my foot slid, and I stumbled, feeling a sharp pain in my ankle. I tried to get up, but it was too late; he had already closed on me. A deep laugh echoed through the darkness, and his voice called out my name mockingly. I felt my heart drop as a wave of dread washed over me. The sound of his confident laughter meant only one thing: This was it. I squeezed my eyes shut, bracing myself for the inevitable, as a cold, calloused hand wrapped around my arm. I felt my body launch through the air in a split second and slam into the wall. The impact knocked the wind out of me, and I lay on the ground in front of a trash can, my bones aching in protest. I saw a figure cloaked in darkness and smoke through bleary eyes, fire blazing in its sights. Its heat seared into my core so intensely that I felt like I was being pulled toward it. My screams echoed through the thick blackness, but as always, no one heard my cry, and no one would come to my aid. He spoke. “Finally, I have you,” he said, his voice as low and deep as my open wounds. He stepped closer, his energy buzzing loudly. I felt a chill of fear running freely through me, and my body stiffened. My mouth was dry and swollen from my fall, so my screams were almost silent and muffled. When I gathered the courage to begin a protective chant. At first, the words seemed to come out as a whisper. But as I found my will to survive, it roared like fire. His hold became weaker by the second until I stood tall with a large pipe in my hand, screaming at him with no fear. “You can’t have me!” My voice held all the strength and conviction to move mountains, and with one hard swing of my weapon, I jolted upright in bed. My forehead was slick with sweat, and I nervously glanced around the dimly lit room, illuminated solely by the pale moonlight streaming in from my bedroom window. I sighed with relief, realizing this had only been a nightmare. Numerous charms and talismans hung over the doorway. They lined the walls of my safe haven, an invisible defense system against any sinister presence from entering my home—or so I believed. The shadows of the nightmare followed me home, scratching at my windows like claws and beckoning me back with whispers. I heard it calling my name — a tempting siren song that coaxed me to surrender, promising sweet rest if only I would give up the fight.

. . . . . . . . . . .

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