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The Dance (DarkFiction/Thriller/Dance/Dreams Short Story)

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

A dance that only the dancer will forever remember.

Photo by Ahmad Odeh on Unsplash

This is a (Dark Fiction/Thriller/Dance/Dreams Short Story)

The movement of the body, so powerful a dance can be. Twisting and turning about. Feeling the breeze of the moving air around you. Music swelling, the body responding instinctively, moving without thought to its seductive rhythm. Allowing itself to be carried away by the sensations of the moment. Every fiber of the being alive and pulsing with energy. The music swelling, its pounding beat like a drug coursing through the veins. All semblance of control is lost as each muscle contracts and releases in perfect harmony with the rhythm of a song. Every nerve ends alight and on fire with energy as if caressed by an invisible flame. The heat between music and body becomes more intense with each passing moment. Weaving a mesmerizing spell that makes the air hum and vibrate. Every motion watched with an eager intensity by more and more onlookers, their wanton gazes making the dance feel alive and powerful. The body moves to a silent rhythm that pulses from within, captivated by its passionate swaying. As the music continues, the atmosphere grows thicker with desire. The body swirls around in a hypnotic trance, lost in every move. Teasingly grazing against each beat, pounding through veins like an aphrodisiac, luring all watching deeper into a powerful magic. The present melts entirely from minds as a graceful movement abandons to a slow-tempo melody that comes alive underneath tender steps. The spellbinding movements become more suggestive, as if each step revealed something deeper than artful movement. As the body dances on within its own world, everyone watching eagerly — encompassing where secrets are whispered softly in ears, lost within blissful melodies taking hold over minds, leaving nothing but sheer desire flowing so deeply within. The mind so engulfed in a soundless rhythm that it’s hard to tell exactly how long has passed, utterly oblivious to time ticking away. Beyond memories bursting forth endlessly. Hallucinogenic beyond compare. Such a moment leaves an unforgettable mark on the soul. Intimacy bore all secrets hidden behind closed doors before this singular moment passed into nothing but memory. The kind we hope to go back to overtime when words fail us. Yearning to never forget what happened in that moment of complete serenity; even after years have passed, it still lives vividly. Often recalled in passing days. Eyes devour the figure, instilling a radiant angelic aura. Captivated, none can do anything but stare in awe at each mesmerizing movement. Every flick and twirl ignites an unbearable yearning within all watching, unleashing a torrent of raw desire that cannot be tamed. Hands reach out with quivering anticipation towards the sweat-slicked skin, desperate for even the slightest touch, as waves of pure seduction wash over them, causing many to drop to their knees in plea. The body arches back and twists, inviting sinful thoughts into the minds of all who gaze upon it. A subtle smile tugs at the corners of lips parted in awe as gazes trace every curve and dip of the skin glistening with sweat. Such primal passion is allowed free reign, where mundane existence roars within the spells of movement. A final gift of electrifying pleasure courses through everyone’s veins, igniting a frenzy of gasps and moans that fill the air as soul after soul is released from now-lifeless beings. And then… nothing. Like puppets with severed strings, all fall to the ground, limp and empty. But there’s no rest for the wicked — a single, mocking twirl is an invitation to new lives, and this dance of death is far from over. The hunt for a fresh audience begins anew, and the cycle of horror continues with a graceful bow.

. . . . . . . . .

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