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Please bring peace to my nights. (Epic Dreams and Fiction tales to make you think.)

Updated: Mar 24

Allow my dreams to walk you through my nightly adventures of Epic Dreams and Fiction tales.

The wind howled in the night like a suffering wolf, echoing through the drafty cabin and rattling the windows before billowing through the cracks in the walls. I lay in bed, heart pounding, listening to the eerie music of the wilderness slip through the night. As if the room were filled with a haunting melody, as if a music box had been set in the corner. Its odd noises were calming yet unsettling simultaneously, filling me with fear and strange intrigue.

I had lived in this cabin for years, and usually, the wind would lull me to sleep, but tonight it seemed as if the voices of the dead were traveling through the air, waiting for someone to answer. I was afraid, and with no one to comfort me, I snuggled tightly to my pillow, closed my eyes, and prayed that I could mute the sound of the wind until it no longer posed a threat.

The wind raged on, whistling through the trees and shaking the cabin’s frame. I was exhausted, and the fear of failure filled me. I was determined to fight against it, but as I lay there, my strength faded. The feeling of being on a doomed vessel overwhelmed me, and a wave of fear and isolation crashed over my consciousness. I wished desperately that I could reach out for comfort, a hug, or a gentle hand to soothe me, but I was alone.

I curled up on my side, my forehead resting on my pillow, and tried to block out all the noise. I imagined I was in a cocoon of safety, a place where nothing could harm me, and took a few deep breaths until my racing heart calmed down. I shifted again, trying to get comfortable, until I felt like I was in a sort of trance.

The wind was still howling, but the fear it had brought suddenly felt far away. Finally, I had managed to quiet the voices of the dead, and I could finally drift off into a calm, peaceful sleep.


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