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Lost Within Fear’s Prison ( Dark fiction, Self Reflection, Thriller, Fiction, Short Story, Dreams)

Updated: Nov 24

Photo by Melanie Wasser on Unsplash

This is a ( Dark fiction, Self Reflection, Thriller, Fiction, Short Story, Dreams)

The screams. I felt them rumbling deep from within my core, nearly pushing me beyond the brink of sanity as they echoed through the air. An unrecognizable soul emerged from my throat, a harrowing sound filled with desperation and agony that set my entire body ablaze. I was screaming for help or pleading for mercy — I wasn’t sure which — but whatever it was, it ripped out of me like a hurricane. I stared at myself, lying on the floor in disbelief as if looking through an alternate dimension into another realm of pain.

Slowly making my way across the room towards where the humming seemed most intense, goosebumps prickled along each arm. Something heavy pressing on my shoulders, dragging each step — electrically charged — buzzing through every inch of exposed skin on my body, permeating deep within each bone cell. Like snakes burrowing ever deeper into soil beds beneath rich topsoil layers untouched by human hands for centuries…

Everything became deathly quiet Without warning or introduction, except for the shrill ringing from my vocals. Nauseous beyond belief, dizzying euphoria swirled about my headspace till blackness began pressing against my eyeballs, erasing everything…including memories! There I stood in total darkness, transfixed by the sight of myself lying helplessly near my bed, screaming.

As my lungs emptied and the screams finally tapered off, I was left with a chilling realization. It wasn’t just any harm causing me so much pain; it was something far more malevolent, a creature unseen but all too real. With each breath, its presence grew more assertive, its malicious intent radiating through my body until despair filled my veins like a blanket of ice.

My eyes darted frantically across every inch of space within view. Empty corners of darkness seemed to hide secrets beyond imagining, waiting tauntingly just out of sight — and soon enough, they would emerge into full horror-lit starkness.

All too quickly, these fears proved not unfounded as an unearthly hissing sound filled the air and unseen claws scraped against the walls — seemingly closer now than ever before each time I moved! My blood ran cold even though sweat dripped hot down onto shaking fingers clasping themselves tightly together, trying to ward off growing terrors…

It became impossible not to feel claustrophobic under all weighty terror, crawling, suffocating over everything between cool earth below floorspace. Inferno flames directly overhead, lighting chaotically flickering above my head, casting elongated shadows ominously jittering along the walls.

Could I protect myself from whatever was coming? I raced to stop the tortures of horror, to stop myself from screaming, and maybe even provide comfort. But when I reached the bed, a bone-chilling shriek filled the air and robbed me of my breath. Clapping my hands over my ears, I looked down in horror. Wide eyes looked up at me from the floor — but they weren’t my own. Their pupils dilated with terror and confusion. Every fiber screamed urgency again, leaving no place unguarded by unknown terrors that were suddenly pressing dangerously close.

I stumbled backward, tripping over the blankets on my bed, and landed with a thud against the wall. The eyes followed me as I fell, unblinking and filled with panic that seemed to seep into my bones.

A monstrous beast glared back at me from the depths of its stare. Its hollow mirror eyes peer hungrily with intensity, dredging up all the memories I longed to forget: mistakes made, pains suffered, and shame felt. Sending a wave of shock through my body. Mocking me cruelly in their uncaring gaze.

I realized that what I was looking at in those unfamiliar eyes was not just a reflection but a portal into the darkest depths of my soul, where even my most terrifying thoughts and fears lay hidden. A single thought resounded throughout my being — something I’ve always known but chose denial. My biggest fears are not the demons that haunt my nights, not even the dead that stalk my days, but the change constantly growing in ME.

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