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What Is Art ?

Updated: Jun 4

The expression of one's creativity through the creation of a work of art can take many forms. Art is usually appreciated for its beauty, but I get swept up in the emotional power of creating something with both my hands and my soul.

Digital art has allowed me to take my abstract pieces to an entirely new level. I've been painting, writing, drawing, sculpting, photographing, and so on for a long time. Even though I've only mastered a few digital platforms, discovering new ways to express myself through digital art is exhilarating.

In my opinion, good art is more than a representation of reality; it's an expression of the artist's own thoughts and feelings. The definition of good art varies widely. When I take paint, draw, or write, I'm not always attempting to capture the exact moment in time of reality. It is not uncommon for me to let go of my grasp on reality in order to achieve my artistic goals. Creating art that some people may find difficult to comprehend or even despise. As with all art, what one sees as beautiful may not be appreciated by another. There are some things you may find repulsive, even if they're stunning to me! For as long as I've known, I am a strange artist, but I enjoy the emotional connection I feel when I create and hope that someone else will find beauty in my work as well.

In terms of art, I don't have a favorite medium or style. I dabble in anything and everything that piques my interest. Although I've been advised to focus on a single medium in order to connect with my audience, I do what makes me happy. I paint or draw portraits, abstracts, landscapes, or whatever, whenever the mood strikes me. Although I prefer abstract art, I appreciate all kinds of artwork. I don't see why I should stop doing anything I like.

With that said, do what you love, not what others tell you to. Unless you’re doing a commission (which I do

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