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Vilmo's Wrath Sample

Sample: Chapter 1

Mia’s muscles tense, bulging veins pulse violently beneath her skin, her eyes widen, and her grimacing teeth are bared. She squirms and roars, staring bitterly up at Dumont. He smiles and leans in close to her face. So close that the prodigious funk of rot that makes his decaying teeth blacken stirs up the contents in her stomach almost provoking her morning sickness.

“Get off of me!” Mia yells.

Bound to her bed, she tries to be brave with Dumont crouched over her. His eyes, big and dark, like looking into an endless pit to nowhere. As she stares at them, a coldness comes over her. She shivers as his gaze tugs at her soul. He binds her hands and feet with only a thought. A tear trickles down Mia’s face as he strokes her small bulging belly.

“They are already so powerful,” he says excitedly. “You will allow me one of them or I will kill both of them, Mia.”

Dumont runs his sharp fingernails across her stomach. She flinches as they rip through the top layer of her flesh. He grins. For a long moment, he gazes at her. His expression calm, yet unnerving.

“Your lack of fear is admirable.”

He smirks. Mia’s eyes squint. The hatred that fills her glare causes Dumont’s smile to grow.

“My children will never…”

She is harshly silenced as he places his hand over her mouth. He bites his free wrist, drawing blood. Mia squirms. He squeezes the back of her jaws, opening her mouth. The moment his blood hits her teeth, she trembles. Dumont climbs off her.

“I will claim every mind and slay every innocent around you until I get what I want. The people in any city you try to hide in will pay for your selfishness. You have one month to make your decision or I will make it for you. Hiding is not an option, Mia. We are now connected. I will always find you.”

“Kill me now! I will never give you my babies,” Mia growls.

Dumont nods.

“I thought you’d say that. Look out your door,” he says vanishing.

Mia jumps from her bed and scrambles to the front doorway. A ghastly paleness spreads over her face and guilt almost stops her heart.

For a long moment, her eyes rest on the bodies of her neighbors, lying in the street. Slowly she steps out onto her porch. She tries to turn away, not wanting to see any more of Dumont’s destruction, but her eyes force her to be witness to the devastating massacre. Blood painted the grass and pavements, stretching throughout the entire village. Every home for miles is in flames. All livestock and animals have been killed, and every person is dead—apart from a circle of men that assemble around one man. Mia gasps.

Chris clenches his jaws, holding in his screams as he is drained of his strength and beaten by angry men. With each blow Chris inhales, taking shallow breaths. The harsh pulses of pain that radiates throughout his body soon brings only numbness, making his undeserved punishment bearable. The town Sheriff, Kraven Moss, stands nearby laughing. His heavy chuckle gets louder each time Chris is struck.

“No! Stop!” Mia shouts, racing down her porch steps with her spike.