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Love After Death part 3

The rescuer becomes the rescued.

I thought I’d always live my life in the Dark World. I never had a reason to step into the other side until—I fell in love with the wrong kind of man. A man forbidden to love. A man forbidden to be loved. Because of me he became a target and hunted by his own family. His kind wanted to see him dead after he killed his own father to protect me.

Every day I hate that he chose me. Why me? I’m a gifted with many abilities. One of them is one that many demons covet but can’t have unless all of my lives end, the gift of immortality in both worlds. Even Koa hunted me at one time.

Although the demons have not figured out a way to eliminate me from all of my incarnations, they have been successful in putting an end to several of them.

They don't realize that if they catch me at the proper time, when the moon is set just right, and use the appropriate spell, a powerful enough demon can possess me and kill me, giving them control of my abilities. I will never let a demon have that kind of power. Nor would Koa even though he himself was born with demon blood.

A child of human and demon parentage, born in the Underworld and raised by his demon father. He will only truly perish in the Dark World, never to rise from the grave again. A new life was possible for him on the other side of the Dark World. Only 5 lives would be given to him. It would be in another time and place, but at least he'd have a chance at survival.

The new world gave no hope. They tracked us. They tracked me. I stood out. I had to learn ways to hide my abilities. Eventually, I could hide from other gifted and other beings, but the strong demons always felt me. Leaving us always fighting to hang on to Koa’s life. But there was and is only one demon we truly feared ---Duncan, His brother. Duncan, driven by hatred and seeking vengeance for his father, has succeeded multiple times in ending my life and has taken all of Koa's. So I thought, up until now.

As of tonight, I officially become a human being and join the world at large. There, the effects of my abilities will be muted, but not undetectable. In time, I should be able to recall everything, but at first, it will be hazy. When it comes to Koa, I will do everything it takes to keep him safe.

“With my blood, I give all I am to the universe. I release the lock on this portal from one world to the next that rests in my flesh. Keeping my bond to the earth and risking all that I am to be welcomed by the greater good into a world unwelcoming to my kind. Bestow upon me your blessing to cross this threshold. I am in your hands.”

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