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Love After Death Part 2

Even in death, I will protect you.

April 15, 1912

It’s only been a few days since a mysterious man invaded my land and my heart, but it already feels like weeks have passed. I'm well aware of the potential dangers associated with developing feelings for him, yet, I can't help myself. My interest has been piqued. Could he be my Koa? Is that even possible?

Every sound gives me false hope that he has returned. Guilt plagues me when eating the food that I didn't get to thank him for.

Whenever my mind wanders to what my life might be like if I had a friend like him or if he really is my Koa returned from the dead, I feel a surge of warmth and embarrassment. I find myself giggling at the mere prospect of a future with my crush. Then, devastated after catching sight of his dying face.

Always, reality will remind me that I am and will forever remain an isolated individual. Koa will never return. Why can't I accept that?