Love after Death ( Amara's Journal)


The following material may trigger intense emotions in the reader who is not yet prepared to deal with such content. POSSIBLY RESULT IN FEELINGS OF JOY, SADNESS, EXCITEMENT, ANGER, AND PLEASANT DISTRAINTS. A REALITY CHECK IS ADVISED.

Part 1


Dear reader,

To be reading this now indicates selection. In addition, it indicates that you require something that I alone can provide. This brings me great sadness. For your sake, I pray that we'll meet, as I believe and hope I can be of assistance to you.

Before I go into details about the purpose of this Journal, I feel obligated to apologize. This is no mere Journal of a young woman’s broken heart and romantic fantasies. This Journal is spellbound. Although I had no intentions of hurting anyone while making this cursed book, I cannot control the horror it can bring. Despite my best intentions, I am powerless to prevent the catastrophe that will befall whoever disobeys this book's laws. Yes, there are rules that must be followed if you are to continue reading.

Now is the time you pay close attention. Before you read on please be advised of the responsibility and dangers that will come after reading this journal.


1. There will be blank pages. DO NOT WRITE IN THEM! It will cost you your soul.

2. Never share this book with anyone. It will take the life of the one you shared it with.

3. There will be spells within this book. DO NOT TRY THEM OR SAY THEM OUT LOUD! You will bring hell to this world.

4. FIND ME! The book will lead you. Bring me my Journal. Dangerous beings follow the one that becomes bound to this book. They will kill you for this journal. Protect this book and it will protect you.

If you discover the journal before I return, it will signify that I have begun a new life and forgotten who I am. If by chance my memory returns before we meet, I will find you. Until then you must do all you can to reconnect me to this book.

5. Read every page. You can’t find where I am If you don’t know where I’ve been.

If you break these rules. No one can help you. The journey that is ahead, will be no easy task and could cost you your life.

If you are like most, your curiosity has already gotten the best of you and you will read on. Remember, never give up or give in. Best of luck to you!

If you are not wanting this responsibility, please put the book back where you found it. The book will call to another. Your bond will begin the moment you turn this page.

Bound by the strength of my words, I give you sight. You will feel me and I you. Hand in hand, we will fight for your survival. The power of my blood that stains the cover and pages of this book, is now released into your flesh. Your senses will heighten as a chill washes over you. It will become clear that the person you were only a short while ago no longer exists within you.


April 5, 1912

I was accidentally born on the other side of your reality in the early 1800s. We refer to it as "the Dark World." The worlds are separated by a powerful force placed by the gods. This world is just the same as yours, but… darker than your worst nightmare. In this world, everything you believe to be nonexistent is more real than you can ever imagine.

Who am I? That I can’t completely answer just yet, but my name is Amara. My search for answers has had me on the run for over five lives. Unlike most, I remember all of my past lives. Well, eventually.

My new lives always start the same. Always the same bloodline as my original life and eventually, I am always left alone.

In my original life, my Mother died moments after my birth, and my father was killed on my 8th birthday trying to save me. Although, how and when they die in each life changes, in every reincarnation, I am the reason for their death.

Between the ages of 13 and 21, I begin to recollect my previous existences. I get visions or nightmares in which memories flood back to me. The overwhelming onslaught of thoughts, feelings, and memories is the most excruciating experience imaginable. A lonely feeling. Knowing at a young age that you are a walking death trap to anyone that loves you.

I quickly picked up on the need of avoiding detection and maintaining my martial arts training. I never know who or what is trying to harm me until it's too late.

My parents were always telling me not to be a curiosity in any crowd. Later in life, I finally grasped the meaning of those words. Their deaths didn't make me emerge from my solitary existence, therefore I continued to conceal myself. I've honed my skills in blending into the background. But like any other adolescent girl, I yearned for a more typical existence. I craved to be among those that didn’t want me dead. I yearned to be loved as much as the protagonists of romantic comedies. What I really yearned for was a life that could never be mine. Too often, my own selfishness and naiveté have been fatal.

April 7, 1912

(Life 2/ age 19 ) (Ouray, Colorado Hayden Mountain)

Night after night a noisy silence haunts me in this drafty cabin. The eerie music of the wilderness outside my door slips through the cracks in the walls and echoes like a broken music box. I should be used to this, but still, when the wind howls so fiercely, I am afraid. Burrowing further into my pillow, I close my eyes and pretend I can't hear anything until my mind finally turns off all external stimuli. Only then I can sleep.

Last night was the worst of the storms for this year. It lasted nearly all night. Sleep was impossible after the storm insisted on catching my attention with screeching pleas for entrance with ferocious pounding on the door. The wind's muttering of my name let me know that something other than the storm was trying to penetrate my barriers again.

April 11, 1912

My heart is heavy this morning as I was getting ready to go into town for supplies. Despite living in a remote area, far from any populated areas, and with a thick shield around my house, I was still located. A young man, around my age maybe a little older…found me. He broke my shield. How is that possible? I have no idea if he's human or a demon in human form. My impression of him is a strange mix of brightness and darkness. A sensation I've never felt in any other being. My world changed today when he spoke to me.

“I won’t hurt you.”

His first words nearly stopped my heart. Although I was terrified, just hearing him speak brought tears to my eyes. Why? I can’t explain the longing I held for him. To get a little closer to the stranger I worried my heart would crumble for, I placed my ear on the door just to listen to him breathe. Only stillness on the other side. My heart was heavy with sorrow when it should have been tense with worry. It's possible that my lack of fear was due to my interest in him, but I never felt threatened by him. So, slowly I start to open the door. He slams it shut.

“Are you stupid!”

I hadn’t been that startled in a while. Up until that instant, I had assumed he had already gone. The rage in his deep tone only piqued my curiosity more but also rekindled my concern. I moved away from the door, arms raised, in case he thought now was the time for me to die.

“Never open this door! I’ll shield your land. Your protection barrier is weak. I’ve left food here for you. They are on the hunt. Try not to go out for a while. Count to 120, then come out to get the food before the animals carry it away.”

To see if I could catch a glimpse of him, I rushed over to the door, but he was nowhere in sight.

“Do you know me?” I whispered.

“Not yet.”

His voice rang in the distance. It was then I felt the presence of the world I told myself I would never enter.

What does this mean? Who is he? Will he come again?

The scariest part is how badly I want him to return. How can someone's words have such a profound effect on my life in such a little amount of time?

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