• Elara W.B.

I suck at Live Streaming

Morning, beauties. So, Last week I did a tester live stream of me doing art. It did not go so well. I was unsure how to use the OBS program and I was too nervous to talk. But I didnt embarrasse myself too bad because only one person was there (Thanks for the love to my one streaming friend).

This morning I was trying to set up for the live stream today and no I cant get the OBS program to work with my camera. This sucks. I am really no good at this streaming thing. Or maybe .... No I suck at this. So I will try again when I learn more about the how to Stream Properly. I will bravely try again in a few weeks. If you have an idea for me to work this OBS program or how to stream easier please, please let me know.

Now another topic. I would love painting ideas for my YouTube channel. So if you have an idea that would make a good digital painting video. Let me know I'll do my best to bring it to life. Well I hope all of your weekends are amazing. Stay blessed.

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