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Deglon Blood (Vilmo's Wrath) Chapter 6

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Radiant beams break through the bedroom blinds, allowing warmth to rest upon Robbie and Nora's skin. Thanks to Robbie's ability to replace Nora's nightmares with dreams and pleasant memories, she has been sleeping happily in his arms for the past two weeks without interruption.

As kids, they played together on a field that overlooked a creek during their childhood summers. As they lay in the grass, they would form shapes from the clouds while they waited quietly for the wild stallions to bathe and drink from the stream. Nora's smile never faded after waking from such pleasant dreams. So, naturally, Robbie frequently plays back her personal favorite dreams and memories for her.

Nora rolls over to find Robbie perched on one elbow, smiling down at her.

"Good morning, handsome."

"Good morning, my queen."

Robbie kisses her passionately before getting out of bed. Indulging in a face-in-the-pillow position, Nora snuggles up to the plush linens. After a few minutes, Robbie gives her a gentle pat on the shoulder. She turns around to see him kneeling by the bed.

"You ready to make our final change," he whispers.

"How do we do that?"

He slips under the covers next to her with a lust-filled expression. Her spine tingles as soon as he brushes her skin with his naked body. More terrified than she had ever been, she swallows firmly in an effort to get rid of her anxious fear. She even briefly loses consciousness of breathing while being cradled in his arms.

"Breathe," he whispered. "Are you ready?"

Her entire body shivers as his lips lightly touch her neck. Pulling his head close, their lips meet. With the first kiss, he numbs her body with passion. His overwhelming body heat causes flutters to fill her stomach. Her eyes drift to the back of her head as Robbie entered her. He leaves an impression in every kiss and his touch lingers long after his hands and lips have changed positions.

"Open your eyes."

Her earlobe is caressed as his warm kisses brush against it, and his whisper compels her to focus on the stunning clouds that surround them and leave their skin feeling softly misted.