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Deglon Blood (Vilmo's Wrath) Chapter 4

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For two hours, Nora sulked, tormented by the agonizing last moments she'd spent with her father and doubtful that she will ever see him again. She questioned whether having Robbie back in her life was a fair enough trade-off.

Although it seemed like her life is falling apart, the presence of Robbie in the next room made her depressing chaos bearable.

Nora wipes her face clean of any remaining tears or snot that may embarrass her before opening the door to the living room once she's had enough of feeling sorry for herself. She suddenly feels the impulse to flee as soon as she entered the small living room. The nightmares. Why now? I'm awake. How is this happening?

The room practically glowed. Nothing but beauty occupied the once-retched space. Nora tensely clenches her fists. Nervousness climbs her spine while looking around corners in anticipation of something surprising her. Waiting for the nightmare to start while taking deep, fear-filled breaths, she stops in front of the bedroom at the opposite end of the living room.

Large potted artificial violets border arched windows with white silk drapes. White leather furniture with wood trim sparkles next to the fireplace near the kitchen, making the room feel warm and inviting. Little lilac-scented candles garnish the glass tables surrounding the couch, filling the space with a subtle perfume.

When he notices her terrified expression, Robbie, who had been relaxing at the kitchen table, becomes tense with worry and rushes to her side.

"Come on! Where are you? I won't be too late this time. Where are those kids?" Nora demands answers from an unseen source as she braces herself for battle when she hears footsteps.

"No, Nora. There are no kids. Wake up! Wake up now!" she yells at herself.

Her stomach rumbles as her eyes jump from corner to corner, covering every inch of the house.

"Nora, what's wrong?"

"Robbie? You're not safe here. No! He is not here. Wake up! Wake up, Nora!" she repeats, hitting the sides of her head with both fists.

Robbie grabs her hands and pulls her to his chest.

"Nora, calm down. You're not dreaming; I am here," he says.