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Deglon Blood (Vilmo's Wrath) Chapter 3

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Nora rotates while standing in the middle of a deserted street. While she looks around, she hears nothing but angry growls. The tiny island is uninhabited.

"Daddy, please! Where do I go?" she begs.

The horrible snarls approach with increasing speed. Nora searches for the animals that will attack her. Every drop of the icy rain that pelts at her skin during the ferocious storm, which lights up the night with lightning, stings.

With each step closer to her, Nora's desire to get away wanes and her fear subsides. She waits, anxious and devoted. She closes her eyes and focuses on any sounds that come directly at her. Both footsteps and heartbeats could be heard all around her. She was confused to see that the herd that charged at her was not the animals she expected.


Her eyes look for an escape route; then, she remembers her father's voice. 'Fight, Nora!'

"Okay, daddy."

Nora stands strong. With no weapons, she'll have to rely on only her skills, which she has never had to use except in training with her father. Taking deep breaths, she waits. The first man approaches her, but she does not move or open her eyes. His weapon of choice is alerted by the sound of leather against a blade. As he swings the sword at her, she hears it slash through the air. As if he stood right beside her, she listened to her father's voice. 'You don't need your sight if you let your heart and hearing guide you.' She kicks him in the chest while dodging the razor-sharp blade. While trying to disarm him, she has no choice but to bring him closer to her because his grip on the handle is so firm. She dismantles him by breaking his wrist, snatches his weapon, and cuts off his head.

She can hear her next assailant approaching from behind. She turns and swings the sword, but she misses her target. Instead, she is the one who is brought to her knees in agony. A knife wound to her back temporarily stuns her. A low grunt slips from her lips as the blade is yanked from her body. Blood steadily pours out as she swings, kicks, and punches her way to victory. As soon as she is satisfied that her attacker is dead, she opens her eyes.

"Two down."

Ferocious beast with fiery eyes and razor-sharp teeth charges at her. As they get closer, she inhales more profoundly, and her heart rate accelerates.

"About ten more to go," a man says, standing at her side.